Scholze Germany GmbH

The company Scholze Germany GmbH is a world-wide market leader as manufacturer of loom accessories, such as warp beams, sectional warp beams, back beams, cloth beams, canisters, and bobbins. We are supplying any and all renowned machine manufacturers with our products, some of them as exclusive supplier.

The history of Scholze Germany GmbH is rich in tradition. The company Reinhold Scholze was founded in the east Saxon town of Zittau in 1921. Accessories for imported looms were produced at that time. At this early date, the company had begun to specialize in the mass production of warp beams.

Since August 2009, Scholze Germany GmbH has been producing in Frankenberg (Eder) and is a part of Neuenhauser Machine Building Group



Scholze Germany GmbH in Frankenberg (Eder)